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Low Ground Pressure Trailer WheelsLike Low Ground Pressure Trailer Wheels

Radial Trailer


As farm trailers are now bigger and faster than ever it is even more important to fit a wheel combination that offers longevity in conjunction with a lower ground pressure. This sector of the agricultural tyre market has expanded massively over the last few years. The standard farm tyre used to be the ubiquitous “supersingle”, 385/65R22.5, 425/65R22.5, 445/65R22.5. However as technology has changed and the need for more efficient products with greater carrying capacity they are being super seeded by modern radial large volume products. There are cheaper cross-ply tyres available within this genre of tyres which we can supply but for the purposes of the website only the radial products will feature. As well as supplying the tyres into the replacement market we can supply complete wheels to convert your trailer or tanker from your standard 22.5″ tyres.  For your low ground pressure wheel enquiries email us on  We can supply all your low ground pressure needs.

Vredestein Logo


Vredestein tyres have two products that are applicable to this sector of the agricultural tyre market. They are the Flotation Pro and the new Flotation Trac.

Flotation Pro


Vredestein Flotation ProThe advanced radial Flotation Pro supports the professional needs of contractors and farmers alike. Its radial construction, with a sturdy belt under the tread, ensures an equal distribution of pressure over the contact surface. This results in excellent preservation of the soil structure. The Flotation Pro’s low rolling resistance ensures that the tyre keeps rolling even under difficult field conditions. The special carcass construction enables road transport at speeds of up to 65 km per hour, which are common in modern farming.


Flotation Trac 

Vredestein Flotation TracThe Flotation Trac Implement Radial is characterised by its all-round capabilities, making it the perfect tyre for both arable and pasture land and for transport activities. The innovative profile and the strong, flexible carcass construction of the Flotation Trac have been designed to deliver top performance that combines machine capacity with preventing the soil structure, while maintaining the ability to carry out transport activities at relatively high speeds. Thanks to its all-round capabilities, the Flotation Trac is suitable for use in a host of agricultural applications, from slurry tankers to self-propelled harvesting machines.

Michelin Winter Tyres


Michelin Cargo Xbib

Michelin Cargo x bibThe Michelin CargoXbib® offers low rolling resistance, increased load capacity and soil protection, with all the attributes of a high performance radial casing.
The exceptionally low rolling resistance greatly reduces the tractive force required to pull trailers equipped with CargoXbib® (40% less compared to bias-ply), resulting in increased productivity and fuel savings.Radial casing and reinforced construction give extraordinary load capacity at speeds up to 40 mph (65 km/h).
The CargoXbib®with its tread blocks helps improve the stability of equipment in the raised position. The tread blocks also contribute to excellent handling on sidehill slopes by providing an effective support base. Radial casing technology and low pressures provide a soft smooth ride.

Nokain Tyres


Nokian ELS Radial 1Designed for heavy agricultural machines and trailers and slurry tanks, the Nokian ELS Radial is also available in sizes reinforced with steel belts. The steel-belt structure improves the tyre’s puncture resistance and load-bearing capacity in demanding contracting use.



Nokian country KingThanks to the large contact area and low rolling resistance, the Nokian Country King moves lightly and economically on fields and roads alike. This modern radial tyre is the best choice for contracting and farming-related transportation involving more driving on the road than on the field. The heavy machines and loads featured in these tasks require tyres that have good load-bearing properties and function reliably.   The Nokian Country King tirelessly carries heavy loads on- and off-road and in the field. The steel-belt structure improves puncture resistance. The low noise and excellent driving comfort are valuable properties for contractors working long hours


BKT Logo

BKT Tyres


BKT FL  690BKT Low Ground Pressure Trailer Tyre FL693 JPGBKT Tyres have three products within the high speed trailer tyre market. They are the BKT FL690, BKT FL6930 & BKT FL6930M tyres. They offer a full  range of sizes from 560/45R22.5 up to the large volume tanker sizes 30.5LR32. We can of course supply BKT tyres both for replacement market and as a complete wheel and tyre package to suit your requirements.
Alliance Tyre Group (Formerly Alliance Tyres)

Alliance tyres have been producing larger volume high speed trailer tyres for a long period of time now. In fact they were one of the first to product a full range of low ground pressure tyres even before the likes of Michelin tyres were. In the early days Alliance produced and still do produce the cross ply 328 and 331 tyres. These were sold in to the agricultural market for years with great success, it is form this point that they have developed their range of high speed radial tyres for trailers and tankers. As well as still producing the 328 and 331 tyres they have launched the Alliance 380 and Alliance 390 into the market place.

Alliance 380The Alliance 380 flotation radial tyre combines the bets of flotation with the best of radial in terms of its construction characteristics. Its applications include free rolling and drive wheel applications with and without high load variations for off road vehicles such as Tankers, liquid manure spreading and trailers.


Alliance 390The Alliance 390 is a step further in technology. The Alliance 390 is a steel belted radial flotation tyre. Used for the same applications as the Alliance 380 but with greater puncture resistance. This product is available in much larger sizes than the A380 featuring 30.5LR32 and 800/60R32 within the product range where as the largest size available in the A380 is 750/45R26.5.


Alliance 885 Low Ground Pressure Trailer Tyre

Alliance 885 Low Ground Pressure Trailer Tyre

New generation radial flotation tire engineered for applications like balers, grain wagons, cultivators, fast moving small agricultural trailers, wagons, grassland trailers etc. Higher load capacity and working speeds. Superior distribution of pressure on the surface. High crown radius provides maximum footprint area which adds to the flotation characteristic. Larger lug contact area at the tire center line enables smooth and comfortable run on the road. Rounded shoulders cause least possible damage of soil and plants. Lower rolling resistance enhances fuel efficiency of prime movers.High wear resistive tread compound. A strong bead bundle, with extra thick reinforced sidewall and a high turn up of plies around bead ensure excellent stability and protection against external damages

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