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4×4/SUV tyres
Telephone: 01759 302907

Peter Winn Tyres Ltd
1 Garths End
Pocklington, York
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO42 2HZ

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Photo Gallery

7107542 michelin axiobib on the roadOn the Road Today with the Large Volume 710/75R42 Michelin Axiobib, Specialist tyres require specialist equipment and companies





Michelin 4607024 Bob loadHere you can see this brand new JCB used in the Construction industry  converted to the Michelin Bib Load multipurpose  product, 460/70R24 Michelin XMCL Off 460/70R24 Michelin Bib Load On


Michelin Bib Load Product Sheet




500 70 24 Dura Force Tyre on merlo teleporterHere you can see this brand new Merlo used for Composting and recycling converted to the Duraforce multipurpose steel belted product, 500/70R24 Michelin XMCL Off 500/70R24 Firestone Duraforce On





Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show Tractor Tyres 2014 a

Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show 2014 was held at The Murton Sale Ground York. It was a cold, wet day but nonetheless a truly succesfull day.

Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show Tractor Tyres 2014





Trelleborg 65075R38 TM900 Tractor Tyre Fitted to Rear of JCB 8280Trelleborg 650/75R38 TM900 Fitted to the rear of the new JCB 8280. The front tyres is the 540/65R34 D Rated High Speed High Load Tractor Tyre






Massey Ferguson Combine on Trelleborg TM2000 Tyres Here you can see the latest Massey Ferguson combine fitted with the latest in tyre technology. This combine has been fitted with the Trelleborg TM2000 on the front.

This is the latest generation radial tire for harvesting and combined machines: the result of the most advanced technologies and experience of Trelleborg in agricultural tires.


Lamma 2014Lamma 2014






Michelin Axiobib on Duals Fendt Tractor aMichelin Axiobib on Duals Fendt Tractor c






This Fendt 939 Tractor we originally specified 710/75R42 & 650/65R34 Michelin Axiobib to be fitted from the factory in order to provide a more suitable operating pressure. However for drilling and cultivation it was felt that by fitting dual wheels it would more stability during operation as well as provide an even lower operating pressure with these IF tyres. I am unaware of anyone else in the country who has 710/75R42 & 650/65R34 Michelin Axiobib on the tractor and on the dual wheels, this really is a professional approach to pressure management.

2012 Fendt 724 Fitted with trelleborg Tyres and Stocks Duals FR 2012 Fendt 724 fitted with Trelleborg tyres and Stocks Duals Side







Here you can see a 2012 Fendt 724 tractor that we have fitted with Duals for the front and rear. From the factory the tractor was fitted with 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 Trelleborg TM800 Tyres. Using a 9″ Band between the dual wheels and turning the wheels around we were able to keep the rear tractor width at 4 Metres for drilling. As you can see with the colour match for the Stocks Duals this tractor looks impressive as well as operates brilliantly in the field. Can you also note we have used 4 clamps per wheel on the front as opposed to three. This is due to the fact that the Fendt is over 200 horsepower, testament to how we operate. We quote for the best option possible and undertake our task seriously in order to provide our customers with a high level of service and professionalism so there tyre and wheel equipment will not let them down

For all your Stocks Dual, Trelleborg Tyre and Stocks Rowcrop requirements please email me on


Fendt 720 RowcropsThis picture shows a Fendt 720 which was originally fitted with 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 Trelleborg TM800 Tyres. For root crop work we have converted this tractor to 380/90R50 (14.9R50) & 380/85R34 (14.9R34) Trelleborg TM100 & TM600 tyres respectively. As you can see this tractor sits really well on these Trelleborg tractor tyres. If you are interested in any Trelleborg tractor tyres or rowcrop wheels then call me on 01759302907 or email on 



4607024 Goodyear IT630 on Claas (b)This Picture shows a Claas Teleporter that has been converted form its conventional 460/70R24 (17.5LR24) Open Centre tractive tyres to an Industrial Option. The Industrial Option is great for work on Concrete or harder surfaces as it offers a greater life expectancy for  the tyre in conjunction with a smoother ride and a great level of puncture resistance. The tyre fitted in this picture is the Goodyear 460/70R24 (17.5LR24)  Goodyear IT630. For Pricing and excellent independent agricultural advice email or telephone on 01759302907




48080R50 Michelin Agribib tractor tyre on Stocks Wheels a48080R50 Michelin Agribib tractor tyre on Stocks Wheels bHere you can see a set of four brand new 480/80R50 Michelin Agribib tractor tyres complete on Stocks Wheels. These wheels have been built to suit a Rogator 645a 







Michelin Axiobib Michelin Axiobib We have taken this brand new tractor and removed its orginal 650mm wide rear tyres and 600mm wide standard front tyres and replaced them with the wider IF technology Michelin Axiobib. The 900mm wide rear and 650mm wide front tyres will offer a huge reduction in operating pressure along with all the benefits that come with it. For more information on IF technology call me on 01759302907 or email



900/60R32 Goodyear Here you can see us preparing to deliver a pair of 900/60R32 & 750/55R26 Goodyear DT830 Tyres. These are being supplied on brand new GKN wheels that have been manufactured so suit a John Deere 7530








Goodyear Rowcrop Wheels 2012Goodyear Rowcrop Tyres on Stocks Rowcrop wheelsThis Tractor has been Fitted with 380/90R54 & 380/80R38 Goodyear Rowcrop tyres to preformed Stocks Rowcrop Wheels.

If you want a quote on Stocks Rowcrop or Stocks Dual Wheels then email us on




Alliance Industrial Conversion on a Merlo 001This brand new Merlo Loader has been converted from 405/70-24 Agricultural Tyre Specifation  to an industrial tyre pattern. This will allow greater puncture resistance, much better ride quality and product durability and so leading to a greater cost effectiveness on the Machine. These Alliance Tyres are available through us and can be fitted locally or despatched by one of our partners. For more information on Industrial Conversions for Loaders, Loadalls, Forklifts or other non standard applications please email us on or telephone 01759302907




JD 5820 Fitted with 850/50R30.5 & 710/45R22.5 Michelin Cargo X Bib

JD 5820 Fitted with 850/50R30.5 & 710/45R22.5 Michelin Cargo X Bib












Stocks Duals for Claas TractorThis pair of Stocks Duals have been fitted with 520/85R46 Alliance Tractor Tyres and colour coded to fit in with the Claas colour scheme. These Stocks Duals have been fitted with a step down kit so that they can dualled against the original 650/85R38 tyres, and so keep the overall width of the tractor down.If you are looking for dual wheels then please contact us on






85075R42 Firestone Tractor Tyre on New Holland 8501Left you can see the difference in volume and height between a 710/70R42 & the New Firestone Large Volume 850/75R42 Product. This tyre will be on general release next year and is due for its official launch in Germany in November at this years Agrictechnica event.