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4×4/SUV tyres
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Peter Winn Tyres Ltd
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Wheel Solutions (Flotation Wheels, Tractor wheels, duals, rowcrops)Like Wheel Solutions (Flotation Wheels, Tractor wheels, duals, rowcrops)

With modern agriculture evolving so rapidly agricultural machinery requires specialist wheel equipment. We can supply bespoke wheels to suit all your agricultural requirements. We can supply Dual wheels, Heavy duty row crops, low ground pressure wheels for Trailer and turf applications all made to your unique specification and colour of your choice.


Dual Wheels still play an important role in modern farming. Although there are various products available on the market place as a Stocks AG Dealer (Stocks Rowcrops, Stocks Duals, Stocks Fixed Wheels) we can supply dual wheels to suit your requirements.Stocks Ag are the largest manufacturer of specialist wheels for agricultural needs. As well as manufacturing the famous “Stocks Dual wheel” they also manufacture and design row crop ( row crop) wheels, wheels to suit High speed agricultural vehicles,combines, telehandlers, loaders, self propelled sprayers and many more.

The Stocks dual wheels fitted to the Fendt 956 tractor shown in the picture are fitted with 650/75R30 Michelin Axiobib on the front and 650/85R38 Michelin Axiob on the rear. The Front tyres are fitted to a 20X30 Dual wheel with a 12″ Spacer band and 8 clamps per pair . The rear tyre is fitted to a 23×38 Dual wheel with a 12″ Spacer band and 12 clamps.




The Stocks dual wheels on this NH T7030 are currently fitted with 540/65R30 Continental AC65 on the front and 650/65R42 Continental AC65 on the rear. The Front tyres have been fitted to 16X30 Duals with a 12″ spacerband and 8 clamps per pair. Although the Stocks wheel guide for this tractor would be 6 clamps per pair because of the increased horsepower of the tractor it was neccesary to use 4 clamps per wheel. The rear tyres were fitted to a 20X42 dual fitted with a 14″ spacer band and 12 clamps per pair.

Stocks Ag are also one of our approved rowcrop wheel suppliers. We can supply taylor made packages for rootcrop work and spraying. As tractors have increased their size and speed it has become more prevelant than ever to fit the correct combination of wheels to your tractor. We can can calculate the best fitment to suit your tractor, build and deliver rowcrop wheels with or without tyres to suit you.We build the wheels in the colour you require set at the track width your require in either a fixed plate assembly or in a adjustable format to virtually any vehicle you require.

As well as supplying rowcrop wheels we also supply wheels for low ground pressure applications such as turf or cultivation purposes.

The MF tractors shown in the picture we supplied as on orginal equipment conversion from Standard tractor tyres to turf tyres. The tractors are fitted with the Trelleborg T404 Turf tyre in 850/50-30.5 to the rear and 710/45-22.5 Trelleborg T404 on the front.

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