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Trelleborg Tractor TyresLike Trelleborg Tractor Tyres



Trelleborg, originally based in Sweden took over the Pirelli agricultural brand and now operates under the name of Trelleborg Wheel Systems manufacturing Trelleborg tyres. Trelleborg Wheel systems provide specialist tyres for both the Agricultural and Forestry markets. Within the Agricultural sector Trelleborg tyres offer low ground pressure solutions for the turf industry as well as Hi Speed Low ground pressure trailer solutions.We can supply Trelleborg Products on a next day delivery basis throughout the UK when stocks permit, please call for pricing or any technical questions you may have.Or email us on We currently have a limited number of specially priced large volume Trelleborg tyres available on the shelf, please telephone on 01759302907 for great  pricing.

Trellebog Professional Centre

As we continue to strive to provide our customers with excellent fully independent advice we have been approached by Trelleborg wheel systems to join their Agricultural specialist network. Being part of this unique network enables us to offer the full Trelleborg tyre range as well as offer excellent pricing on all Trelleborg products.Backed up by Trelleborg’s experienced network of field agents in conjunction with the expanding range of Trelleborg products at our disposal we can fulfil all your agricultural tyre and wheel requirements.


Trelleborg Cash back tractor trailer Feb 2015

We are pleased to announce the return of the Trelleborg “Cash Back” offer this  sell out campaign, gives end users significant Cashback on pairs of selected Trelleborg tyres, the only catch is you must register for the rewards programme. The Trelleborg  2015 Cash Back offer is as below.

Pattern Up to 30″ 32″+
TM600 £50 per pair £90 per pair
TM700 £70 per pair £120 per pair
TM800 £80 per pair £140 per pair
TM900/1000/2000/3000 £100 per pair £200 per pair
Twin Radial £60 per pair £60 per pair

Click Here For: Trelleborg Sell Out Promotion – Voucher 18 02 15 V2


Click Here for latest Trelleborg Product Handbook


If you want an app for your I phone or I pad so that you can calculate the correct pressures for your tractor tryes please use the link below

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is enhancing its portfolio with the launch of its new range of tyres for harvestingapplications, TM3000, and extension of its TM1000 High Power Range

Trelleborg TM1000 IF Technology

Specifically engineered according to the company’s innovative BlueTireTM Technology, TM3000 is a new Trelleborg TM3000 IF Technologygeneration of radial tire designed specifically for harvesting applications. It has been developed to provide farming professionals with improved productivity, while still respecting the environment.

The inaugural size for the new range will be IF 800/70R32 CFO and this will be followed up by three additional sizes during 2013; IF 800/70R38 CFO, IF 800/65R32 CFO and IF 1050/50R32 CFO.



As well as developing and launching the TM3000, Trelleborg has announced an extension plan for its TM1000 High Power range in 2013. The announcement was made during the Massey Ferguson “Vision of the Future” event which was held in Beauvais, France, from 22 August to 1 September, 2012. As part of the extension plan, Trelleborg will introduce eight new sizes for the TM1000 High Power line, between 34 and 46 inches.


“We are extremely excited about the developments that we are making to our product portfolio. In fact, our TM1000 High Power line recently completed a comprehensive set of indoor and outdoor tests, under severe conditions, which were carried our together with leading partners from the agricultural industry. We are very proud and satisfied with the results,” says Paolo Pompei, Business Unit President Agricultural & Forestry Tires Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

 During field operations the TM1000 High Power has a proven traction capacity up to sixteen percent higher than the market average, as well as a fifteen percent wider footprint at low inflation pressure, both of which have been enhanced by Trelleborg’s BlueTireTM Technology. Compared with the market average, on the road the TM1000 High Power provides premium rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption by as much as eight percent, along with a wear resistance improvement as much as sixteen percent.


The First eight new IF TM1000 Tyre sizes are   650/65R34,  710/75R42,  650/60R34, 710/70R42, 600/70R30, 900/60R42, 710/60R34 & 750/45R46

     Trelleborg TM Blue                                                                                   


Last year Trelleborg wheel systems announced the release the TM Blue™ concept.The TM Blue™ concept includes a set of techniques, patents, solutions and procedures which help decrease the use of natural resources, thereby preserving nature, respecting the soil, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.The Trelleborg TM Blue™ concept  is not just a tyre it is a whole process from design to field. The Blue concept is comprised of the follwing Blue Elements,Blue manufacturing,Blue Farming, Blue Self Cleaning,Blue Consumption, Blue emmisions and Blue Health.

 Trelleborg Blue Elements




The Blue element is range of aromatic free oils that are used in the production of the TM Blue™ concept tyreThe new extender oils maintain the excellent overall performance of Trelleborg tyres while respecting the environment. Following on from this, Trelleborgs approach to manufacturing in an environmentally controlled fashion has lead to over 1.5 billion litres of water being saved on the previous year, a reduction in energy requirements of 10%,they have increased the quantity of waster recycled by 20% and now only 3% of their waste goes into landfill sites. Due to this forward and blue approach Trelleborg Wheel Systems when manufacturing can boast a zero risk of contamination and pollution.

Trelleborg TM tyres are designed to protect soil from compacting, providing the farmer with higher productivity and thereby ensuring higher crop yields.TM Blue™ concept is primarily developed to respect the structure of the soil and preserve its organic life by minimising mechanical damage caused by compression.

Trelleborg TM solutions allow the soil to return to its original state as an “organic reactor”, capable of absorbing air-bound nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water.


Blue Self Cleaning.

Excellent self-cleaning
The inter-lug terracing is an advanced design at the base of the lug which helps with mud ejection, maximising the self-cleaning capability of the tyre

The unique tread design distinguishes the entire TM range giving Trelleborg tyres excellent self-cleaning properties.

Under the same operating conditions the TM tyre, unlike its main brand competitors, ensures two main advantages:



Blue Consumption

Trelleborg Blue EmmisionsTrelleborg TM tyres provide excellent traction in the field significantly reducing slippage on any kind of soil. The ploughing tests, in equal conditions and sizes, show that Trelleborg tyres perform better than premium brand competitors both in terms of slippage and working time per hectare.

The chart shows the benefit ensured by Trelleborg TM in ploughing 1 ha (up to 5% time saving).




Blue Emissions:

Trelleborg Blue EmmisionsIn addition, TM solutions provide impressive fuel consumption saving on the road with the consequent massive reduction of CO2 emissions (up to 2.550 E saving per year).







Blue Health

The shape of the lug and the deflection of the carcass
of the TM range guarantee less vibration, leading to less stress on the driver for greater comfort on the road.


The balance of grip and structural flexibility guarantee an excellent level of stability, providing the driver with optimum handling.

The goal of Trelleborg engineers is to design tyres which make the driver’s life safe and easy. Consistently safer and more comfortable.

Trelleborg group their products into six sections, Agro Industrial Range, Tractor Radial Tyres, Tractor cross ply tyres,Tractor Implement Flotation Radial, implement flotation crossply, implement and front and special application tyres.


Agro Industrial Range:

Trelleborg TH400 Agro Indutrial Tyre

New Radial Line designed for Telescopic Handlers, Backhoe and compact loaders

email for special pricing on this product




Tractor Radial Tyres:

Trelleborg TM1000 IF TechnologyTrelleborg Wheel Systems introduced the TM1000 High Power tire at the 2011 AGRITECHNICA exhibition in Hannover, Germany.


With a height and overall diameter of 2,300 millimeters and a 46 inch rim, the TM1000 is the largest super single tire ever produced. The giant tire is engineered to meet the requirements of the new generation of tractor engines and transmissions.





TM900 High Power

Tire specially developed to be fitted on high powered tractors
(up to 300 HP) and therefore needs a high load capacity.Due to its dimensional characteristics and its optimized radial structure,it is able to transfer to the ground the high torque of the biggest agricultural vehicles, generating a great traction on all kind of soils. TM900 High Power assures outstanding road performances in terms of comfort and safety









Trelleborg TM800TM800, one of the most successful product in the range, has been engineered to offer the market a “state-of-the-art” tire for today’s agriculture, with its high powered tractors. TM800 with its extra-large tread pattern offers maximum performance in the field and it is able to carry heavy loads and to work at very low pressure.

Its winning feature is its excellent performance on the road in term of stability, handling, comfort and long tire life.

Trelleborg TM800 High Speed The TM800 High Speed is born to continue the well-known road performances of TM800 with the most sophisticated technology of High Speed concept generating the most advanced radial tire for agricultural needs.

TM800 High Speed handling, grip, comfort and safety, reach excellent levels and is matching perfectly with the technological evolution of modern agricultural tractors, that leads to a great sophistication in terms of construction (front or full suspension system) and higher safety and performances level.



Trelleborg TM700Line in / 70 series, very well known for its performance and versatility, capable of optimising the tractors efficiency during its whole life cycle.

  • Maximum self-cleaning
  • Excellent traction


TM 700 Hi Speed

TM 700 High Speed is the agriculture radial tire with high lugs yet suitable for speed up to 65 Km/hour.Intended for tractors equipped with integral or partial suspensions, it’s a tire that stands out due to its excellent performance both on the road and in the field. In fact, though it reveals an emphasised road look, the TM 700 High Speed delivers unmatched performance in terms of traction and low compaction in the field.









Trelleborg TM600New line of standard series tires with metric size marking specially designed for tubeless fitment.

Traction, self-cleaning and resistance together with high load capacity, low soil compaction and excellent wear resistance are the outstanding performances of this line. The distinguishing feature of the TM600 is the innovative tread design, in particular the number and the geometry of lugs and the rounded shoulder help to prevent crop damage.






 TM100 Rowcrop

Trelleborg TM100A narrow radial tire, particularly suitable for row crop working and highly regarded for the comfort it delivers.





 TM2000 Harvester Tyre

  • Trelleborg TM2000High load capacity even at low pressure. The extensive footprint area allows a greater load to be carried for a given inflation pressure compared to standard tires.
  • Excellent traction capacity thanks to the flexible radial carcass and deep tractive lugs.
  • Maximum resistance to impact and puncturing ensured by the high quality materials used.



 Tractor Cross Ply Tyres (Trelleborg Twin)


Trelleborg TWIN tyres have extra width and operate at low inflation pressures. This provides a large tyre­to­soil contact area, spreading the load and reducing soil compaction. A good soil structure helps plants increase the absorption of nutrients, promoting healthy growth. Potentially increased yields are complemented by the reduced requirement for tillage operations ­ helping to keep costs down. Often, TWIN tyres can replace dual tyres.

The unique design of Trelleborg TWIN tyres provides improved traction with less slippage ­ giving your tractor or machine better utilization of horsepower and greater output. Your soil, too, will benefit from eliminating damage caused by unnecessary tyre slippage. In fact, independent tests have proved that Trelleborg TWIN tyres give increases in tractive power of up to 72% compared to ordinary tyres. Practical experience amongst farmers undertaking mixed work shows an average 25% increase in tractor efficiency ­ simply by switching to Trelleborg. Costs are also reduced by the savings made on fuel consumption and because smaller or less machines can undertake the work, investment costs can also be reduced.   

Trelleborg TWIN tyres can work in the most difficult conditions ­ in situations which may previously have been considered impossible. As a result, work planning becomes easier and fertilizer and spray programs can be timed to perfection. All this helps to increase the useful working hours your machines can complete and improves cost effectiveness all around.

Most TWIN tyres are tubeless, enabling them to run at very low inflation pressures, reducing soil compaction, providing ground stability, improving driver comfort and saving costly down­time by eliminating tube­bursts. The diagonal belt design combines the best of both radial and cross­ply construction for a long life in the toughest conditions. Our practical experience suggests Trelleborg TWIN tyres give 2-3 times the life of ordinary agricultural tyres, meaning a short term pay-back and long term savings for the farmer. 


Trelleborg Twin 414 for Drive wheel and harvester.

TWIN 414 – A traction pattern with deep effective lugs in three different angles for maximum traction and excellent self cleaning.








Trelleborg Twin 421 for Harvesters and Drive wheels

 Trelleborg Twin  421Traction tread with an open tread for better traction power and self cleaning. Its rounded shoulder provide smooth ground contact. The stabilizing belt under the tread contribute to a high milage and extra penetration protection.





Tractor Implement Flotation Radial:

Trelleborg TWIN Radial, is the first radial implement tire manufactured by Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

Trelleborg Twin RadialThe first radial Trelleborg tire for trailers.

The result of the most advanced technology, designed to reduce your costs.

  • Excellent ground care due to the wide area of footprint and the rounded profile of the shoulder. The central “block structure” enables the tire to self-clean efficiently and rapidly.
  • High speed and maximised road handling even in high stress conditions.
  • High load capacity and excellent traction when used as a drive wheel and at the same time offering minimum rolling resistance when in free-rolling mode.
  • Great comfort and excellent even wear due to the sidewall profile and tread design.


Implement Flotation Crossply:

Bias (Diagonal) Tire

A biasbelt tire is a combination of cross-ply and radial construction.

A strong and durable diagonal carcass together with a belt under the tread give the tire durable sidewalls, a flatter footprint and larger contact area.

Some features are:

  • good all round properties
  • strong sidewall and carcass making it capable to withstand low inflation pressure
  • good lateral and vertical stability avoiding powerhop and bouncing effects


Within the Range there are two sub catagories Twin Implement and Twin AMPT

Trelleborg Twin Implement

A complete range of Low Ground Pressure (LGP) tires for machines and Implements in more severe and heavy agricultural service.

Twin Implement, with its unique bias-belt design, maximises the ground contact area, improving flotation and traction, but without damaging the soil structure.

The large air volume in the tires permits a lower inflation pressure in safety, reducing ground pressure, which minimizes soil compaction, offering better yields and overall better economy.

The new versions of Twin Implement are now Load/Speed index rated, giving a higher permissable load capacity plus a higher speed rating (40-50 kph)+

Characterstics of Trelleborg Twin Implement


  • Large ground contact area
  • Low ground pressure
  • High load capacity
  • Good lateral stability
  • Low rolling resistance on soft ground
  • Less rut formation because of the rounded shoulder design
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Available as a complete wheel if required



Trelleborg Twin 404


A gentle pattern for sensitive ground conditions with rounded shoulders and a large contact surface.







Trelleborg Twin Garden EWR (Extra Wear Resistance)

Specially designed for grass and sensitive ground conditions.

Its soft carcass design, considerate tread pattern and low ground pressure all contribute to no track formation and very little soil compaction. This tire is also flexible for both soft and hard surfaces.





Trelleborg Twin 421


Trelleborg Twin  421Soft traction pattern with an open tread for good traction and self cleaning. Its rounded shoulder provides smooth ground contact.




Trelleborg Twin 423


Trelleborg Twin T423Soft traction pattern with an open tread for good traction and self cleaning. Its rounded shoulder provides smooth ground contact.







 Trelleborg Twin 478


Trelleborg Twin 478Long grooved pattern with low rolling resistance on road service.

Rounded shoulders give smooth contact towards the ground.


Trelleborg Twin AMPT

The cord material and rubber compound allow the tire to be used at speeds up to 65 km/h as well as in heavy duty applications. We recommend this tire for machines and implements with a high degree of road service.

Trelleborg Twin 422


Agricultural multi purpose and low ground pressure tires for the field and the road.

Main applications:

  • use at speeds up to 70 km/h as well as in heavy duty applications
  • for machines and Implements with high road service
  Trelleborg Twin 428


Agricultural Multi puropose tyre

Low ground pressure tires for the field and the road.

The cord material and rubber compound allow the tire to be used at speeds up to 70 km/h as well as in heavy duty applications.

We recommend this tire for machines and implements with a high degree of road service.



 Trelleborg Implement and Front Tyres.


The new Implement tires are metric size marked, tubeless, and Load/Speed index rated, which gives a higher load capacity and higher permitted speed (40-50kph) than previous tires.

The tires are recommended for trailers and other agricultural Implements such as spreaders, balers, ploughs, drills etc. The tread design and the rounded shoulders offer soft ground contact with minimal damage when turning, plus a low rolling resistance on road transport.

Available in a wide range of sizes to cover all normal requirements

Trelleborg AW305 Implement

Trelleborg AW305The new Implement standard lines are metric size marked, tubeless and

load/speed index rated, recommended for trailers.

Main performances:
• soft ground contact
  • low rolling resistance on road transport

• wide range of sizes





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