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Goodyear Tractor TyresLike Goodyear Tractor Tyres

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Goodyear Maintains a wide product range, offering both agricultural and industrial tyres in radial and bias construction for the original equipment and replacement market. Goodyears recent acquisition by Titan US will secure Goodyears future in the agricultural sector.

Goodyear Farm Tyre Network
As a key member of Goodyears Farm Tyre Network. We can offer you excellent access to all that is Goodyear agricultural.Wether it be competitive pricing or aftersales servicing we can deliver on Goodyear Agricultural. Goodyear have recently launched the Goodyear Agriclub. This is a club for farmers where by Goodyear send out information direct to yourselves with regard to ongoing promotions ,new products and details of forthcoming events such as agricultural shows. We currently have some great offers on Goodyear Tractor Tyres. See our specials page for some of our offers.

Goodyear Agriclub


Goodyear Agriclub newsletter

AGRI club registration 2014

Goodyears European range is split into three catagories,traction drive for harvesters, tractors and sprayers, trailer and implement and free rolling.

Within the traction drive range are a further three sub catagories, the new Optitrac Concept,Radial and bias.

Goodyears Optitrac Concept is the name given to their latest generation of tyre compounds and construciton technology. The Optitrac developments have allowed them to produce a range of tyres with increased load bearing capacity in conjunction with increased impact resistance. Due to the ranges modern technology each tyre has optimised its tyre and footprint shape. The benfits of which offer a more even pressure distribution and so minimising soil compaction and increasing productivity.

Each Optitrac tyre has a continuous helical lug curvature which gives outstanding traction in the field but on the road the benfits are massive due its enhanced ride comfort and even wear.The tyres also have a tuned asymmetric lug shape which gives greater self cleaning ability and improved traction.

Not satsfied with Optitrac technolgy Goodyear have proved their committment in the agricultural sector by developing Optitrac R+. Optitrac R+ technology was developed using Goodyears expertise in the aeronutical industry. This technology has enabled Goodyear to produce a bead to bead concept not used previously to increase on the Optitrac performance.With large air volumes, stronger materials and new compounds Goodyear have produced a range of tyres that operate efficiently and effectively both in the field and on the road.

Goodyear has just  announced a new farm tyre in its Optitrac range specifically
Goodyear H+ Optitrac developed for harvester machines: the Optitrac H+. The H+ range will
include tyres designed to operate at higher deflection levels, signified by
the addition of the letters IF as a prefix to the size and CFO as a suffix.
Goodyear says these tyres have been designed in line with a four-year 2009
ETRTO experimental standard which allows a “load bonus of up to 55 per cent
for cyclic field operations without the need to increase the inflation
pressure”. This new range was shown on Goodyear’s stand at the 2011 SIMA
show held in Paris with the introduction of the first two sizes:
IF800/70R32 CFO and IF800/75R32 CFO. It was developed by the Goodyear
Innovation Centre – Luxembourg (GIC*L) and has been tested and approved by
harvester manufacturers in Europe.

Goodyear Optitrac Concept  

 Optitrac DT800

 OPTITRAC DT800 features


Optitrac DT800 benfits


Optitrac DT806


Optitrac DT806 benefits


Optitrac DT812 Traction Drive radial

Optitrac DT812 Features

Optitrac DT812 benefits


Optitrac DT818 Traction drive radial-super wide

Optitrac DT818 Features


Optitrac DT818 Benefits


Optitrac DT822 Traction drive radial-Harvester


Optitrac DT822 Features




Optitrac DT822 Benefits


Optitrac DT824 Traction Drive Radial-Volume


Optitrac DT824 Features


Optitrac DT824 benefits


Optitrac DT830 Traction Drive Radial-High Volume


Optitrac DT830 features


Optitrac DT830 Benefits

Goodyear also have available a fantastic range of Radial Insutrial tyres to suit telescopic and back hoe loaders

More & More industrial Tyre customers recognise amd appreciate the advantages of fitting radial tyres over bias tyres.Radial tyres have significant advantages in durability, wear,fuel consumption,road comfort,puncture resistance and soil compaction. This then offers effective operation of backhoe loaders,telescopic handlers and other industrial machines.

Goodyear46070R24 IT520 Loader TyreGoodyear IT530Goodyear has strongly supported this move to radial tyres by designing 2 modern radial indutrial tyres in the IT520 & IT530. The IT520 with its modern reinforced design is suited ideally for extended wear operation on wet soils where good traction is required. The block Lug pattern of the IT530 is very rugged and best suited for hard dry soils and for hard surfaces. The IT530 gives improved roading comfort and superior lateral stability. The Goodyear IT520 & IT530 range is continually being extended to cover a vast range of equipment and useages. We can supply all of your Goodyear IT520 & Goodyear IT530 tyres throughout the UK email me now on or call me on 01759302907 for the correct impartial advice

Goodyear Industrial Tyre Leaflet IT520 and IT530: Click Here for Full Details

4607024 Goodyear IT630 on Claas (b)


Goodyear Bias Range


Goodyear Sure Grip All Service-Traction drive bias

Sure Grip All Service Features

Sure Grip All Service Benefits



Goodyear All Weather -Traction Drive bias


All Weather Features

All Weather Benefits




Goodyear Trailer and Implement


Goodyear FS24 Trailer and Implement -Radial

FS24 Features




FS24 Benefits




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