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Winter Car TyresLike Winter Car Tyres

  • Winter looms bringing an increased risk of having an accident on the roads

  • Fitting winter tyres ensures a better grip and shorter stopping distances

Winter is looming making way for more dangerous road conditions. Snow, ice, frost, heavy rain and wet leaves are set to blanket our roads inevitably increasing the chances of having an accident. The UK is well known for our cold and wet winter weather yet many UK motorists know very little if nothing at all about winter tyres.

The winter conditions in many of our neighbouring European countries are much more severe than here in the UK. Fitting winter tyres is common practice in many parts of mainland Europe, in some countries it is even a legal requirement. It is surprising however to see that they boast a much lower accident rate. A major factor in this is down to tyre choice. Hankook therefore believe it is essential that we educate our customers on winter tyres and contribute towards a reduction in motoring accidents during winter.

What’s benefits do winter tyres provide?

Unlike a summer tyre, the rubber compound of a winter tyre contains a higher content of natural rubber and silica and a specifically designed tread pattern which retains flexibility in low temperatures (below 7˚C). This ensures that the tyres don’t harden when it’s cold therefore maintaining a better grip to the road and generating shorter stopping distances.

When should I fit winter tyres?

The temperature in the UK generally begins to drop to below 7˚C in October which is when UK motorists are advised to fit winter tyres. Summer tyres are then re-fitted in April as the temperature begins to rise once more.


Do I need to inform my insurance company?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) advises that you should always check with your insurance provider to inform them that you plan to fit winter tyres to your vehicle. Most major motor insurers would not class the fitting of winter tyres as a modification however it is worth double checking with your insurer just in case.


We have a massive range of winter tyres available to us in many brand names. The majority of which are currently available on a same day or next day basis. We can even provide great deals on both Steel and Alloy wheels to suit your car, van and 4×4(Where applicable) to provide a total winter wheel package.


Our range includes:

Dunlop Winter Tyres

Vredestein Winter Tyres



Michelin Winter Tyres




Call us today on 01759302907 or email on  for best pricing on winter tyres and complete winter packages.


Steel Wheel for winter tyre packages

Alloy Wheel for winter tyre packages



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