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4×4/SUV tyres
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MatadorLike Matador


Matador first started producing tyres in 1925 in Bratislava. For six years Matador was the only company producing tyres in Czechoslovakia.As the Continental Group is involved with Matador the future looks bright.

MP81 :

This tyre is intended for all season application emphasizing high safety of driving on all tyres of roads (wet, dry, snowy and icy roads) and excellent comfort of driving with high mileage and a new tyre design including the sidewall and tread design.

Tyre tread  MP 85 Hectorra 4×4 SUV UHP –  A new high-speed summer asymmetric tread for SUVE vehicles  – for the most demanding tyre segment – ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE. The asymmetric design of the tread offers optimal maneuverability and safety on wet and dry surface. The tyre is  designed for SUV vehicles, for  fast and safe drive in UHP segment with 100% paved/0% unpaved rating.

Features of  MP85 Hectorra 4×4 SUV UHP tyre:

MP 71 IZZARDA is especially recommended for owners of SUV vehicles who expect balanced utility and driving characteristics on various road surfaces: dusty roads, asphalt, concrete, snow, ice, sand.

MP 71 IZZARDA 4×4 A/T secures a balanced output in road and cross-country driving. It is characteristic for:

■ improved output on dusty and gravel surface high rigidity of tread pattern

■ low noise level and excellent gripping properties on wet and dry surface

■ excellent design with inverse sidewall appearance and inscription set off in colour

In the development of MP 71 IZZARDA the latest available research knowledge was used. The tyre consists of two bearing carcass plies, two steel cord breakers, a third spirally wound breaker and a reinforced sidewall. The tyre profile is optimized for equal distribution of the specific pressure in the track (which results in equal tread wear, good mileage and high safety of driving on various road surfaces). In the bead area there is a wound wire and the carcass plies are fixed by means of a rubber filler. A new system of rubberizing the carcass plies and breakers was used. A reinforced construction of the sidewall with inverse appearance was used. The shoulder, sidewall and bead are equipped along the circumference with rubber projections serving as a protection against piercing when driving off road and under more difficult conditions

WISENTTA 4×4 has a highly robust, specially designed type of tread pattern for off road vehicles, for extreme driving on harsh terrain (soft terrain, mud, grass, gravel, sand). The pattern is made for drivers who enjoy riding on very demanding terrain conditions. A very aggressive configuration of the tread pattern secures maximum adhesion and climbing ability on a slippery or unstable surface. A massive appearance is emphasized by large inscription with white outlines on one side and black outlines on the other one. Suggested use: usage in the ration 80% terrain and 20% road.

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