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Nokian Tractor TyresLike Nokian Tractor Tyres

Nokian Tyres are based in Finland with the headquarters in Nokia.Nokian produce tyres for Cars, trucks, buses and heavy agricultural and industrial equipment. Within this sector we will be dealing with part of their “Nokian Heavy” range. The Nokian Tyre heavy range comprises of  ,Nokian Agricultural Tyres, Nokian Mining And Tunnelling Tyres,Nokian Container and Material Handling Tyres, Nokain Earthmoving and Nokain Road Maintenance Tyres and Nokian Terrain and Armoured MilitaryVehicle Tyres.

The Nokian tyre range is vast and covers many markets although we can supply almost all Nokian tyres from all sectors we do not specialise in all of them. Shown below are products that are relative to our everyday markets, but if you want Nokian we can supply it. We can supply most Nokian Produts on a next day basis if they are in stock.

Although not shown in this section we do offer a the range Of Nokian Winter Tyres for Cars,vans & 4×4’s. So if you are interested in these products do contact us. As the website develops there will be a dedicated section for the Nokian Winter Car, Van & 4×4 range so keep watching.

Nokian ELS:


A cross-ply tyre for big farming and forest trailers.




 Nokian ELS Radial:

This round-shouldered radial flotation tyre designed for field use is the best choice, especially if it is to be clearly used more on the field than on the road. The Nokian ELS Radial offers good grip and better mobility on soft surfaces than its competitors.   Designed for massive agricultural machines and trailers, the Nokian ELS Radial carries even heavy loads lightly and with respect for the environment. Thanks to the large contact area, the low-profile radial tyre imposes considerably less surface pressure on the field than cross-ply tyres.   The large contact area, low tyre pressure, as well as the structure and tread pattern of the tyre efficiently prevent soil compaction. This results in high field productivity and easy machine movement, even on soft soil. The same surface-saving properties also apply to lawn use.

Designed for heavy agricultural machines and trailers and slurry tanks, the Nokian ELS Radial is also available in sizes reinforced with steel belts. The steel-belt structure improves the tyre’s puncture resistance and load-bearing capacity in demanding contracting use.


Nokian Country King:

Thanks to the large contact area and low rolling resistance, the Nokian Country King moves lightly and economically on fields and roads alike. This modern radial tyre is the best choice for contracting and farming-related transportation involving more driving on the road than on the field. The heavy machines and loads featured in these tasks require tyres that have good load-bearing properties and function reliably.   The Nokian Country King tirelessly carries heavy loads on- and off-road and in the field. The steel-belt structure improves puncture resistance. The low noise and excellent driving comfort are valuable properties for contractors working long hours.

The reinforced steel-belt structure endures and carries the load both on rocky fields and on soft sand. When the amount of load increases, the tyre’s contact area expands, which improves its carrying capacity. Thanks to the sturdy structure, the trailer will not sway or move during loading.   The block-tread patterned tyre offers high-quality driving comfort outside fields as well. The Nokian Country King is a silent tyre that rolls steadily and smoothly on the road. Low rolling resistance decreases fuel consumption, which makes the tyre economical and environmentally friendly.   The Nokian Country King endures heavy use and does not harm the soil, which generates clear savings in the form of long tyre-change intervals and land repair costs.

The tread pattern flares at the shoulder, so the tyre cleans quickly and easily. The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates the remaining groove depth.   As is the case with all Nokian Heavy Tyres’ special tyres, the Nokian Country King is completely free of any high-aromatic oils.

The tread pattern flares at the shoulder, so the tyre cleans quickly and easily. The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates the remaining groove depth.   As is the case with all Nokian Heavy Tyres’ special tyres, the Nokian Country King is completely free of any high-aromatic oils.

Nokian TRI2:


More operating hours, reliable grip all year round, driving comfort and high load-bearing capacity at demanding contracting sites around the world. The block-patterned Nokian TRI 2 performs its varied contracting tasks in agriculture, industry, road and environmental maintenance with a reliable, gentle touch.

The tread pattern and strong structure ensure that the Nokian TRI 2 wears evenly and offers users a high number of efficient working hours. Thanks to the block pattern and even surface pressure, the tyre is also suitable for working on delicate green areas.   The Nokian TRI 2 offers a stable and comfortable driving response. The tyre wears evenly and has a long life. The Nokian TRI 2 is at its best when the machine is simultaneously used for driving and working. A pleasant and stable passenger car-like driving response makes highway travel easier and increases traffic safety.

The Nokian TRI 2 is known for its environmental friendliness. It is gentle on the ground and cleans effortlessly, ensuring that machines do not carry soil onto roads. Similar to all Nokian Heavy Tyres products, the Nokian TRI 2 is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. Only purified, low-aromatic oils are used in the rubber compounds.   The environmental friendliness of the versatile special tyre is further enhanced by low tyre noise and a low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption

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