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Continental Tractor & Trailer TyresLike Continental Tractor & Trailer Tyres

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We can supply all of the Continental Tractor range. Continental Standard Range, AC85,Continental 70 Series, AC70,Continental 65 series, AC65, Continental Super Volume Tyres, SVT and the Continental Super Silent Range, SST. We can deliver Continental Tractor tyres throughout the UK, usually on a next day basis, subject to availability

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Continental AC85 Tractor Tyre


Modern 85 Series all-round standard tyre for all applications


Continental AC70 Wide Tractor Tyre: Conti Contract AC70T.


Wide traction tyre for heavy field work


Continental HC70 Wide Tractor Tyre

Continental HC70 Tractor TyreHC70: the 3-in-1 tyre

Designed for use on 90 to 180 hp (66 – 132 kW) tractors, the HC70…

• offers higher load and carrying capability as well as driving stability on the road at up to 65 km/h,
• ensures gentler ground handling in the field and on grasslands,
• both at low operating costs.

Continental 70 Series Wide  Tractor Tyre : Conticontract AC70G

Wide grassland tyre with optimum road characteristics


Continental Combine Harvester or Forager Tyres AC70 H/G/N And SVT.


Economical tyre for gentle ground handling on harvesters


Continental Rowcrop Tyres : Conti Contract A85/AC90C

Slim radial tyre for cultivation of crop rows







Continental Silent Speed Tractor Tyre: Silent Speed Tyre (SST)


SilentSpeedTyre SST

Continental Silent Speed Tractor Tyre SST• SST through its construction and technical innovation improves the vehicle-acoustic characteristics of all tractors!
• Reduces the noise level in the tractor cab by 3 – 6 dB(A) from approx. 74 dB(A) with market standard tyre to approx. 71 dB(A).
• Reduces the physical sound pressure level 3 dB(A). This corresponds to a halving of perceived noise.
• Thereby reduces the noise level in the tractor cab, through the critical speed range from 42 – 55 km/h, to the same level as the interior noise of a mid range passenger car at 130 km/h.

Continental Super Volume Tractor Tyre: Super Volume Tyre SVT


SuperVolumeTyre for powerful machines with maximum load capacity and driving comfort


Continental MPT Tractor & Trailer  Tyres :MPT Radial


Continental AC70G :

Continental AC70G Tractor TyreSpecial tractor drive wheel profile particularly good for avoiding damage to meadowland. Extremely quiet running on the road. Also well adapted for field use. Can be used on multi-purpose vehicles (56 mph/90 km/h), telescope loaders and front axles of four-wheel drive tractors.



  Continental Agro Trailer:  

Continental MPT Agro Trailer TyreRadial tyre for agricultural and utility trailers; approved for speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph). The longitudinal and lateral structure of the tread pattern, combined with rounded tread shoulders, ensures low rolling restistance. The all-steel construction protects the tyre from damage.


 Continental All Ground :


Continental MPT Radial All Ground RadialRadial traction tyre for use on grassland. Extremely suitable for working on slopes; protects the turf. Very quiet running on roads at speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph). High mileage performance through optimised tread pattern design.



Continental Multi Service radial Tyre:


Continental Multi Service TyreRadial tyre designed for use on fast-moving self-loading forage boxes and trailers at speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph). The larger footprint, thanks to the wide tread area, and low tyre pressure protect both grassland and soil. The evenly balanced tread pattern design means the tyre is also suitable for utility vehicles (e.g. cleaning pavements) and for long journeys.

Continental AS Farmer  Cross ply Tyre


Tough cross-ply tyre for tractors


For all Your Continental Tractor tyre, Rowcrop tyre, Harvester and Trailer tyre needs please contact us on for a quote. Please remember we can supply wheels to suit your Continental Tyre requirements whether it be Dual wheels or Row Crops we can supply.

For our Latest Special offers please see our specials page, for all other enquiries please email us on or telephone on 01759302907

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