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Combine Harvester, Wide wheels, Low Ground pressure, Dual WheelsLike Combine Harvester, Wide wheels, Low Ground pressure, Dual Wheels

With the harvest fast approaching and the ground wetter than  most of us can remember the need for wide wheels for Combines, Trailers and tractors is greater than ever. As part of our remit we offer low ground pressure solutions for all of these agricultural machines and many more. Please call us now for our independent and expert advise on 01759302907 or email on


Combine Wide Tyres


Since the wet harvest of 2007 most farmers have upgraded their old combines, tractors and trailers and purchased newer, more technologically enhanced, bigger  machines. This means that the old low ground pressure solutions they used are no longer viable and as such new solutions are required, we have these solutions. Whether it is Dual wheels for your combines, Wide “Twin” fitment one piece solutions or an improved tyre option we have the solution. With UK  mainland delivery available on most products.


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We can supply Dual wheels to fit against  800/65R32, 900/60R32 and most combine front & Rear wheels. We can offer different solutions to suit your needs, please note that you do not need to dual and 800 with an 800, so do not worry about the width we can advise accordingly, please call on 01759302907 or email on





With the advent of  “IF” and “CF” technology it is now possible to replace a tyre with the same size and reduce the working pressure to such an extent that wider wheels or duals may not be required.

Michelin have utilised this technology in many applications but for the harvester range they have launched the MICHELIN® CerexBib™.

Responding to customer demand, Michelin Agricultural Tires has engineered its revolutionary soil compaction-reducing MICHELIN® Ultraflex™ technologies into the harvesters tire line. The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ radial is the industry’s first combine specific radial engineered specifically to deliver high-flexion capabilities while handling the cyclic loading and off-loading required from combines.




The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ radial joins a revolutionary line-up of industry firsts for this tire technology leader, including Michelin’s high-flexion tires for front-wheel-assist and four-wheel-drive tractors and self-propelled sprayers. Michelin is the first tire manufacturer  to offer a radial that met the Tire and Rim Association’s Improved Flexion (IF) classification. Michelin also is the first and only company to offer two tires that meet the industry group’s classification for Very High Flexion (VF), meaning they flex up to twice as much as standard tires.

“Michelin designs tires with the end user’s specific application in mind,” said Michael Vandel, marketing segment manager for Michelin North America Agricultural Tires. “We heard from farmers that they needed a tire that delivers improved handling and traction for large harvesting loads with minimal soil compaction. The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ was designed with these operational needs in mind.”

The MICHELIN® CerexBib™ can be purchased by the axle. The front axle tires are designated as IF cyclic field operation (CFO) and fit on the same rims but deliver a bigger footprint and carry the same load at air pressures of up to 20 percent less than normal tires. The rear axle tires are designated as VF tires. Together, they bear up under the weight of increasingly large combines with 400- and 450-bushel bins, 16-row headers and front-axle weights of 22700.00 Kgs and still help reduce soil compaction over traditional radials.

“By reducing soil compaction with even the largest of loads, we’re helping the farmer harvest — even in adverse weather conditions — with minimal damage to the field,” Vandel said. “The entire concept of the MICHELIN® CerexBib™ combine tire is to give farmers more mobility to get into the field when necessary and ultimately put more money their pocket


MICHELIN CerexBib functions at low pressure (1) due to modern tire design not used in standard technology tires so offers a considerable reduction in rut formation and compaction thanks to the perfect load distribution on a larger footprint.







Technical data MICHELIN Cerexbib



Goodyear have also embraced the new technology and launced a range of “CF” products. The new tire is the OPTITRAC H+ IF680/85R32 CFO, which is designed for harvesters operating in countries, such as Germany, where vehicle width limits mean that wider /section tires cannot be fitted. The tire has a high carrying capacity and features the OPTITRAC tread design, which provides excellent traction and performance both in the field and on the road.


OPTITRAC H+ tires are designed to operate at higher deflection levels and are marked with the letters IF as a prefix to the size and CFO as a suffix. These tires have been designed in line with a four-year 2009 ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) experimental standard. This standard allows a load bonus of up to 55% for cyclic field operations without the need to increase the inflation pressure. The OPTITRAC H+ range made its market debut in early 2011 with the introduction of the first two sizes; IF80070R32 CFO & IF800/75R32 CFO. A further size, IF900/60R32 CFO, was subsequently added.
Goodyear has put special emphasis on the high stability and load capacity of the OPTITRAC H+, which is specially designed for high-technology combine harvesters. Goodyear tire engineers based the development of the H+ on the proven design features of the successful OPTITRAC family, combined with the use of innovative materials. The new tires have an asymmetric profile and deep tread depth. These features give the tire excellent traction and self-cleaning properties. The computer-optimized lug pattern with special contours of the H+ makes the tire score well when it comes to ground pressure. These features mean that the OPTITRAC H+ can transfer driving force and torque extremely efficiently and evenly onto the subsoil.
The innovative tread compound is highly abrasion resistant, which gives the H+ long service life. The Aero-Tie-in-bead concept, which is derived from aircraft tire development, strengthens the bead and guarantees a perfect fit on the rim. At the same time, this technology allows larger side walls and thus higher flexibility, which results in high durability and extended mileage.
In addition, the OPTITRAC H+ operates at constant air pressure both on fields and on the road. The lower air pressure and higher payload result in a larger contact patch. This gives better traction and makes the tire less prone to sinking into in the ground. This in turn means less soil compaction, reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel consumption.
The OPTITRAC H+ IF680/85R32 CFO will be available in early 2012.
The range of Goodyear harvester tires comprises four sizes: IF680/85R32 CFO       New IF800/75R32 CFO IF800/70R32 CFO IF900/60R32 CFO


Trellebog Professional Centre


Trelleborg TM2000

Trelleborg TM2000The latest generation radial tire for harvesting and combined machines: the result of the most advanced technologies and experience of Trelleborg in agricultural tires.

Click Here For TM 2000 Product Info

Trelleborg TM3000 (IF Technology)

Trelleborg TM3000 IF TechnologyThe new TM3000, designed utilising Blue Tire Technology, is Trelleborg’s answer to the latest and future generations of harvesters and combine machines.
A new tread pattern, along with the advanced carcass design, maximise the load capacity of the tire at low inflation pressure, preserving the soil and the environment.
Matching sustainable and precision farming approaches, the TM3000 Blue Tire is the right choice to boost harvesting productivity.


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