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Michelin 4×4Like Michelin 4×4

Michelin Latitude Cross TyreMichelin Being one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world has one of the best research and development programs within the industry.Being the parent company of B F Goodrich its name is synonymous with quality. The Michelin brand has stood the test of time and with one of the largest Research and development budgets in the tyre sector they are always striving for greater products.

The Tyre shown here is the Michelin Latitude Cross. This is a multipurpse 4×4 tyre that can deliver traction both on and off the road. While achieving the grip required this tyre can also deliver great on road qualities with excellent mileage.

The technology behind the tyre:

The aggresive mudcatcher tread design has large number sof biting edges and so gives excellent traction on loose and slippery surfaces.

The Low Noise tread technology gives great comfort on the road.In order for the tyre and road to be in constant contact the tread blocks have a curvature to them.This avoids the up and down hammering action which create the high noise levels usually assisciated with off road tyres.

The “Terrain-Proof” compound is derived from earth mover tyre technology where abrasion with stones and gravel accelerates wear.The “Terrain-Proof” compound enables both on and off-road driving and resists wear in difficult driving conditions.

The Latitude Diamaris is suitable for high performance 4×4’s. This is quantified by its homologation with the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes ML, VW Tourag, Volvo XC90 and Range Rover.

This product offers excellent rolling resistance and so helping to reduce fuel costs. It is also able to offer exceptional handling on both dry and wet roads. These handling characteristics are due to its wide central rib. Its wide longitudinal grooves give this tyre is excellent Breaking and road holding characteristics.It also has a rim protector so helping protect against kurb damage.

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