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Apollo VredesteinLike Apollo Vredestein

Vredestein Tractor Tyres

Apollo Vredestein began its life back on 6th November 2008 in the Netherlands, following a devastating fire in its rubber factory on September 1934 and a rebuild Vredestein started production of its first tyres. From this point the company has evolved and moved with the times until it reached its current format of Apollo Vredestein.
In 2009, Vredestein was acquired by India’s Apollo Tyres Ltd, and the company name was changed to Apollo Vredestein BV. The bulk of production still takes place in Enschede,Holland and major investments in recent years continue to expand the production capacity in the Netherlands.
Over six million summer, winter and four-season tyres are manufactured in Enschede every year, and a number of quality agriculture tyres are made there in addition to the production in India. Tyres for two-wheel vehicles and for industrial applications are produced by specialised companies in East Asia. Furthermore, thanks to the acquisition by Apollo Tyres Ltd, Vredestein’s access to the Asian and Middle Eastern markets has further improved.
Today, the company employs more than 1700 people and is very well represented in Europe, the US and Canada, with a total of 14 sales organisations in 18 countries.
Vrdestein Tractor Tyres
The Range Comprises of the Following products:
Vredestein Traxion XXLBased on the unique and popular Traxion+, the TraxionXXL has been specially developed for tractors with an engine power from 160 hp (120 kW) upwards. Due to its large air volume, the TraxionXXL has a relatively high load capacity. The strong, flexible carcass and the flat tread contour provide a large contact surface and even distribution of pressure, thus preserving the soil structure. The large engine power is converted very efficiently into traction during activities in the field. At relatively high speeds (up to 70 km/h) the TraxionXXL provides good stability, optimal comfort and a long life span.
Vredestein Traxion +The key to the success of the multi-functional Traxion+ is its revolutionary tread design. The result is optimal performance on the land and during transportation. The Traxion+’s special tread cleat design, with a wide space in the shoulder area, ensures excellent self-cleaning in the traction zone. This in turn guarantees maximum traction. The almost continuous contact area in the middle of the tread, the comfort zone, provides optimal comfort and safety during transportation at relatively high speeds. This also reduces tyre wear, increasing life span.
Vredestein Traxion+Optimal tyre performance is the basis for high yields and wise investment. The unique tread of the Traxion85, with its wide belt package and flexible carcass ensure a flat tread contour, so pressure is evenly distributed. This means that soil quality can be maintained in the field by avoiding rutting and increasing the cleat contact area. This also paves the way for excellent road performance characteristics, such as low rolling resistance, a high degree of comfort and long life.
Multi Rill
Vredestein Multi Rill Tractor TyreThe role of the front wheels of tractors in preventing structural damage to sub soil should not be underestimated. That’s why Vredestein developed the Multi Rill for modern rear wheel drive tractors which are being used on pasture and arable lands.


Lug Ring
Vredestein Lug Ring Tractor TyreThe Lug Ring is a very popular front tyre for tractors which are used for road transportation in addition to field work. The tyre is also highly suitable for planting and sowing machines. Its robust shoulder bars protect the tyre against penetration by sharp objects. The relatively large tread surface guarantees a long life-span.
Traxion Cereall
Vredestein Cereall Harvester TyreModern combine harvesters and bunker harvesters are high capacity machines with more powerful motors, wider working widths and a greater tank volume. All of this places great demands on the tyres — which is why the Traxion Cereall was developed. The special carcass construction with Vredestein F+ technology (IF) means that a high load can be combined with a significantly reduced tyre pressure. The CFO functionality absorbs the large weight differences between an empty and a full grain tank. The curved cleat shape ensures a high power transfer and the self-cleaning profile reduces wheel slip. The width is tailored to the maximum vehicle width for combines..

Vredestein Traxion Versa
Traxion Versa
Vredestein Traxion Versa tyreWith its proven Traxion profile, Vredestein has gained a reputation for low hourly operating costs and maximum return on investment. The success of the Traxion was the starting point for the Vredestein Traxion Versa: the latest agro-industrial tyre for telescopic handlers, compact wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and steering axles of combine harvesters. The tyre represents an ideal solution for machines requiring good traction in soft ground conditions, as well as comfort and wear resistance on harder surfaces.
Vredestein Traxion ENdurionCost-conscious professionals demand a lot from tyres for agricultural and industrial machinery. Indeed, Vredestein tyres are renowned for their high performance and low hourly operating costs. These principles also apply to the development of the latest technological innovation for compact wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers in the form of the Vredestein Endurion. The Vredestein Endurion is the number one tyre on solid ground. An extra strong carcass and robust profile offer maximum radial and lateral stability, optimum comfort and an exceptionally long service life.
Vredestein Trailer Tyre Banner
Flotation Pro
Vredestein Flotation ProThe advanced radial Flotation Pro supports the professional needs of contractors and farmers alike. Its radial construction, with a sturdy belt under the tread, ensures an equal distribution of pressure over the contact surface. This results in excellent preservation of the soil structure. The Flotation Pro’s low rolling resistance ensures that the tyre keeps rolling even under difficult field conditions. The special carcass construction enables road transport at speeds of up to 65 km/h, which are common in modern farming.
Flotation Trac

Vredestein Flotation TracThe Flotation Trac Implement Radial is characterised by its all-round capabilities, making it the perfect tyre for both arable and pasture land and for transport activities. The innovative profile and the strong, flexible carcass construction of the Flotation Trac have been designed to deliver top performance that combines machine capacity with preventing damage to the soil structure, while maintaining the ability to carry out transport activities at relatively high speeds. Thanks to its all-round capabilities, the Flotation Trac is suitable for use in a host of agricultural applications, from slurry tankers to self-propelled harvesting machines.

Vredestein Flotation+With its large load capacity at a relatively low tyre pressure, the Flotation+ is the ideal tyre for heavy-duty work. Its extra-wide and voluminous design makes the tyre perfectly suited to silage trailers, mixed manure spreaders, tipping trailers and harvesting machinery. The sophisticated carcass construction and unique profile ensure the Flotation+ performs every agricultural task without leaving marks. Apart from driving comfort, the tyre also has excellent self-cleaning properties. This ensures that it keeps rolling under all conditions and guarantees sideways stability.
Vredestein AW Trailer TyreManure spreaders, self-loading trailers, balers, disc harrows and transport equipment keep moving under all conditions due to the widely praised Vredestein A.W. A popular tread, with a sophisticated tyre construction, it ensures good stability in all conditions. Thanks to its special carcass construction the A.W. Special offers further resistance to damage from impact.


Vredestein AS Tyre PatternThe A.S. traction tread provides excellent stability and ensures non-driven axles keep rolling, even under the most difficult conditions. The A.S. has special tread cleats, which, when fitted on the driven axles of compact tractors, for example, guarantee comfort on the road without any loss of traction in the field.


Vredestein V61 TyreThe V61’s open tread with its unmistakable rings is a guarantee for optimal stability and good self-cleaning properties. The strong, flexible carcass is resistant to peak loads. The tread rings also give extra protection against carcass penetration by thorns and stones. Due to the extra security this offers, many renowned machine manufacturers choose to fit the V61 as original equipment.
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